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Free Goodies – Ideas, Information, Inspiration

Here are resources to help you build your business. Some are Larina’s and some are created by others. All are free…

Confident Cub

Helping kids believe “Yes, I can!”

Confident Cub

A FREE resource center for parents and professionals helping kids and teens reduce stress and build confidence.

Marketing Psychology on Facebook

Find ideas on the psychology of connecting with clients, customers, and referral partners. This is also a great way to get to know Larina and for her to get to know you. See you on!

Stand Out! Marketing That Grabs Attention and Gets Results

Get free monthly tips on the psychology of effective marketing including topics such as low-cost, high impact marketing, marketing for professional service firms, active marketing, passive marketing, and successful selling.

First Name

The Psychology of Marketing Blog

Here you’ll find posts such as “Why Marketing is Like Gardening,” and “How to Make Your Marketing Easier.” Be sure to leave comments to get your questions answered.

End Speaking Anxiety Blog

Don’t let your fear of public speaking hold you back from getting out and marketing your business. Learn tips for overcoming public speaking anxiety here.

Going Bonkers? Magazine Articles

Sometimes feel like you’re going bonkers? We all do! Here are some self-help articles Larina wrote for the popular glossy magazine Going Bonkers.

Out of Your Comfort Zone

10 Ways to Boost Your Positive Energy


Crazy Money: Inside a Millionaire’s Mind

What Will They Think of Me? Overcoming Social Anxiety

Audio Interviews

Larina is fortunate to count some of the best and brightest in the business as her friends and colleagues. Here are some interviews you’ll enjoy…

Larina Kase Interview

Hear Dan Bischoff and Patrick Wiscombe of interview Larina as part of their Entrepreneur Addiction show

Krishna De on Branding Yourself in Social Media

Krishne De is an award-winning, internationally recognized expert in digital marketing, brand engagement and new media. Hear her discuss keys to branding yourself in social media in this 39-minute interview Larina conducted with her.

Mari Smith on Tips to Success with Facebook and Twitter

Fast called Mari ‘a veritable engine of personal branding and a relationship marketing whiz.’ Hear some of her ideas about getting started and being successful with Facebook and Twitter in this 25 minute interview she did with Larina.

Shama Kabani on Social Media Marketing for Service Professionals

Author of the excellent book The Zen of Social Media Marketing, Shama is an expert online marketing. Hear her talk about online marketing for service business owners in this 24 minute interview.

Favorites – Tried and True Business-Building Products and Services

Over the years Larina has fine-tuned a list of her favorite business building resources and tools. Here are the services that she and her clients have found particularly helpful:

A Great Way to Keep-In-Touch and Attract New Business

With our busy lives we tend to forget about people very quickly. Here is a great way to stand out, build relationships, and help people remember you without sending emails that get lost in the shuffle.

Customized Web Design and Hosting

The web design and hosting company who created this site is One Lily Inc. They have been fast, creative, talented, reliable, and fun to work with! Your web design is very important- trust the pros to do it right.

For All of Your Audio Recording Needs

Have had a great experience with Audio Acrobat. The customer service professional, David, has personally returned my calls- even on a Sunday. Use them for any audio recording, such as to record your teleclasses, create audio messages for your list, begin your own radio show, and collect audio testimonials from your clients.

Inexpensive, Fast Printing for Your Marketing

We constantly gets asked who printed our business cards. We got the high quality, low cost printing done by Printing for Less. We also get all of our stationary and envelopes printed by them. In addition to beautiful printing, they have great customer service. You can get $25 off your order by using this affiliate code- be sure to type it in when you get your order: RP1NVZO6A

Incredible, Low Cost Publicity

This service is too good to be true—I almost want to keep it secret, but I’ll share it with you as a gift for visiting this website. Wondering how I got placed in hundreds of top media outlets like The New York Times, CBS News, and The Chicago Tribune all in less than a year? Click here to sign up for the service that I use.

Get Leads for Professional Speaking Engagements by Email

This service is great for all levels of speakers- whether you are just getting started or are already an accomplished speaker. You’ll receive notices with various speaking engagements– there’s a big range in type of engagement, location, and compensation. Use this service to help you establish yourself as an expert, earn income, market your business, and sell products.

Permission-Based Email Marketing

The service that I use to manage my email lists is iContact. They have excellent customer service, comprehensive statistics reports, great autoresponders and surveys, and everything’s very user-friendly.